What we do

It starts with the client’s question. We then develop a suitable route concept. From idea to actual end product. This includes the design and realisation of a walking or cycling network and monitoring of cycling and walking routes. Concept and product development
It starts with the basics, with the client’s question. We try to get the most important goal clear: what does the client really want? We then develop a suitable concept. Here, the end user comes first. Whether we are constructing a walking network, a digital RoutAbel route or supervising the marketing of a tourist region. We make every effort to connect to the motives of this end user in order to give him an optimal experience.

RĂ©alisation of route products
We not only come up with concepts, but also implement them; from idea to concrete final product. This may involve the entire project from A to Z. Or we carry out a part, for example the production of physical elements or a digital RoutAbel route. Just what the client wants. We also elaborate already existing plans, such as the construction of a walking or cycling network.

We like to think along with you about marketing the product, so that recreationalists and tourists know how to find and start using the products and/or routes. We can handle the execution of various marketing products. Think of the development and design of brochures, books, counter displays for resellers, but also the creation and elaboration of arrangements.


  • Setting up partnerships with booking agencies such as Voordeeluitjes and tour operators such as SNP (app sales in combination with a stay)
  • Cooperation with parties selling Christmas packages and business gifts
  • Exhibitions; independently and in cooperation with tourist regions
  • Internet bannering
  • Social media
  • Strategic cross-selling
  • Joint promotional campaigns with brands such as Nuon, Menzis, Optimel, KRO en FC Twente

We can monitor the use of route products. This can include counts of users on the routes or analyses of app and online usage. Through smart technologies, we can measure real-time usage in recreation and tourism, among other areas. For example, we can detect the use of facilities and map the use of hiking, riding and cycling trails. By constantly monitoring, we get data at our disposal. With this data, we can optimise the situation. The data can also be applied in product development.

We apply the latest innovations in our concepts and in the products we make. For example, think of innovations in the field of sustainability. Of course, we also deploy the latest technological developments and apply the latest business models to our concepts. Examples include applications of 100 % biobased materials and the latest app technologies, revenue models behind tourist products and the LoRa network (a long-range telecom network used to exchange data between objects, such as bus shelters, waste bins and tourist panels).