To bring the Claercamp trail, a walk from the St Jacobiparochie (North Friesland) to Zoutkamp (Groningen), to the attention of potential walkers by means of a brochure and an information panel. The aim of this route is to tempt residents/tourists to walk the route.


A walking booklet in which the multi-day walk (75 km) can be followed via junctions. In addition to these nodes, a short impression of the route, some places of interest, an overview map of the route and three day routes from Dokkum are listed.
The Claercamp path links the pilgrims’ route St Jabikspaad in Het Bildt with the Lauwerszee and the province of Groningen. The footpath is named after the Claercamp Monastery: from the 12th to the 16th century, the largest mother monastery in the north of the country.

An information panel has been placed near the former monastery Claercamp with the aim of inviting the hiker to further explore the area on foot.


The Claercamppad consists of:

  • Hiking booklet
  • An information panel with appealing content


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