Ode to the landscape of the Bunker Trail

Producing and placing 3 corten steel plates with lines of poetry for 3 group shelters on the ‘Bunker Trail’ in Bunnik. These concrete shelters were built during WWI and are part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie.


Custom-made corten steel plates into which the letters of the lines of poetry have been cut out. In the open air, the plates take on a characteristic brown-red rust colour, so that the texts become clearly legible against the grey, concrete background.

As an ode to the landscape around the renewed Bunker Trail in Bunnik, Onno Kosters of the Utrecht City Poets’ Guild wrote the poem ‘Behind the scenes’. In the poem, the immediate surroundings of the Bunker Trail are brought to life. Readers are urged to use their senses and thus, as they walk, reflect on what really matters: earth, water, air. Walkers can read the poem on three bunkers along the path. The Bunkerpad allows you to walk from Fort Vechten to Fort Rijnauwen (and visa versa). The area is part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, the Netherlands’ largest national monument and nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Province of Utrecht