SLIM Buiten! & Robinson counter

We can monitor the use of route products. With SLIM Buiten! we make the public space intelligent. Smart technologies allow us to remotely extract all kinds of information from public spaces in real time. Such as:

Counting cyclists, walkers, horse riders and …

With the technology we have developed, we can easily count users on footpaths, cycle paths, bridle paths and waterways etc. without the need for electrical power, wifi or 4G network. This works as follows:
Each location is equipped with a wireless laser sensor. This sensor detects movement. The movement is transmitted through the LoRa network to a database where the following data is generated:

  • The number of movements
  • Time, date and moment of movement
  • Type of movement (cyclist or walker)
  • Speed of movement


With the knowledge we have gained in recent years, we have developed our own laser sensor: the ‘Robinson’. This Robinson sensor functions independently without an external power supply. In other words, alone and without help as we know Robinson (Crusoe)! You can find more information about this at


Robinson provides their data to the SlimBuiten platform, which then converts it into useful information: Up-to-date, Reliable and Complete.

This information can contribute to:

  • Experience of outdoor space
  • Optimal exploitation of routes
  • Cost-efficient management and maintenance
  • Optimization of traffic flow
  • Economic vitality
  • Improved social safety
  • Clean environment and air quality
  • Sustainability


LoRa network
To communicate the counting sensors with the database, we use the LoRa network. LoRa stands for Low Power Wide Area Network (Long Range). This is an energy-efficient network that can transport small amounts of data over long distances.


Applications in the leisure industry

The data generated gives unimagined possibilities. The data that becomes available can be used for various purposes. For example, numbers of visitors can easily be monitored, if there are places where the maximum number of people are counted, one can take immediate action here. The Robinson counter with the Slim Buiten dashboard provide reliable figures on the use of routes and locations. With the available data, tourism products can be optimally geared to the user. One can bind entrepreneurs by linking concrete use to marketing and promotion. Visitor behaviour can be mapped and linked to influences such as weather conditions, seasons and events. For the TTPs (Tourist Transfer Points), for example, data become available, allowing products to be tailored even better to the user. Relationships between use and spending can be accurately established and, for future investments, a return-on-investment can be easily calculated.