RoutAbel, the Route App

Consumers are doing more and more with their smartphones. We are responding to this with RoutAbel, the Route App with over 600 fun digital cycling, walking and boating routes. Users walk, cycle or sail the most enjoyable routes with their smartphone in hand.

Along the way, the app ‘tells’ all kinds of fun facts, about the environment, nature, history, etc. Sound clips and film material complete the experience of the route. In putting together the content, the user is central. Who is the consumer of this route and what does he want to experience along the way? The content production consists of writing texts, selecting photos, sound fragments and film clips.

The Route App consists of

  1. RoutAbel route navigation and information software
  2. The most beautiful routes of the area
  3. Experience in the form of tips, facts and sights, supported by text, sound and film clips
  4. Maps

RoutAbel: “When we digitise a route, we want to add experience. Beautiful stories, sound or film clips or a nice photo of what you don’t see at the very moment.”

The Route App is suitable for iPhone and Android devices

  • The routes work 100% offline so:
  • No additional telecom costs;
  • No problems with signal coverage;
  • Low battery consumption

Results so far
There are currently more than 600 RoutAbel routes. These routes cover the whole of the Netherlands. We also have routes in Germany and Belgium. Several routes are also available in German and English. The Route App is currently installed on 150,000 smartphones. In the past 3 years, more than 1.5 million digital routes have been downloaded from the app.

Download the free app here:


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