Farmers’ cheese route Zoeterwoude

The municipality of Zoeterwoude asked us to develop an experiential cycle route ‘Cheese’. The cycle route starts from one of the Singels in Leiden and is part of eight experiential cycle routes in the municipalities of the Leidse Ommelanden that strengthen city-country connections for recreational cyclists.

A 20 km Farmers’ Cheese Route that leads recreational travellers through the municipality of Zoeterwoude and past artisan cheese, ice cream and dairy farms. The route has been set up together with the farms/entrepreneurs involved. Along the way, the cyclist will receive information about the agricultural peat meadow area, the meadow bird areas, the historical buildings, the dairy preparation process the flowery roadsides/biodiversity and the bee landscape. The route is marked with yellow, rectangular signs depicting a white cow. The shape of this cow is reflected in the information panels located along the route. A number of audionetics and a bee panel provide further additional information about the area.


The project Farmers’ cheese route consists of:

  • A signposted cycle route of 17,5 km
  • A digital version of this cycle route in the app RoutAbel
  • 15 information panels scattered along the route (at cheese and dairy farms). The panels are made of our sustainable Biopanel
  • 3 audionetics, each with 3 short stories (for instance about meadow birds, old Zoeterwoude, cheese making)
  • A ‘masterpiece’, consisting of a life-size painting frame showing the Dutch skies of Zoeterwoude as a work of art. Recreationists can place themselves in the ‘painting’
  • A 3D map of the route, designed in the same look & feel as the information panels
  • @ information panels about the unique Bee Landscape in and around Zoeterwoude, again designed in the same look & feel. This panel is also made of Biopanel
  • A clear website, , which bundles all this information about  Zoeterwoude and the cheese and dairy farms
  • Setting up and maintaining a Facebook page Ontdek Zoeterwoude
  • A route booklet with background information, fun tips (also for children) and facts




Route booklet:

Municipality of Zoeterwoude, in collaboration with Province of South Holland and Holland Rijnland region