Outdoor museum Lochem

Research shows that neither the Lochem municipality nor the town of Lochem has enough observable historical objects to justify a visit to Lochem by Dutch or foreigners. However, there are the necessary fascinating stories to encourage that visit. These stories need to be told in an engaging way.

There are several goals:

  • The Historical Circle wants to tell about the history of Lochem
  • Eigenzinnig Lochem, an organisation that works to boost tourism, culture and entrepreneurship, wants to develop and implement activities that will enable entrepreneurs in the municipality to achieve greater sales from more visitors and increased spending
  • VVV Lochem wants to attract more tourists to the municipality with greater brand awareness and by promoting high-profile products from Lochem.
  • The municipality of Lochem wants to offer more space for civic initiatives, and also cooperate in implementing those initiatives on e.g. municipal land

We have made an inventory of locations in the municipality of Lochem that have a historical story to tell. We wrote the historical stories concisely and in accessible language. We also looked for matching images, such as photos from the past, an old map or print. This together makes it a harmonious whole.


This project will soon be supplemented by a digital walking route along these information panels located in Lochem. This route takes you back into the fascinating history and gives you even more information about Lochem and its beautiful surroundings. In text, image and sound.

Outdoor museum Lochem consists of:

  • 32 historical panels in the municipality of Lochem (writing texts, finding suitable images)
  • Design, production and installation of the information panels
  • Follow-up: develop a digital walking route in the RoutAbel app along the historical panels

Municipality of Lochem in cooperation with Historical Society Lochem-Laren-Barchem and Eigenzinnig Lochem