Dike secrets

To stimulate a broad public to discover the Land of Maas and Waal by bicycle. In which the public preferably also use catering facilities, visit attractions and shops.

With the cycle routes through the area, we provide the public with information, eye-openers and anecdotes.
This is done in a light-hearted way that makes them look at the river landscape in a new way. What seems ordinary becomes extraordinary, what seems true gets unmasked, what is hidden becomes visible.

On each cycling tour, about 10 ‘dike secrets’ are revealed. What are those mysterious houses along the dike doing, where no life seems to be? Why do dike roads meander so often? Cyclists dive extra deep into the dike secrets via videos on the app. While cycling past pumping stations, farms, brickworks and castles, Dijkgeheimen offers a world of water stories.

The information is also in-depth – including via videos in the RoutAbel app – and via the link to Facebook for behind-the-scenes views and more information.

Dike secrets consists of:

  • 2 digital cycling routes, downloadable in the RoutAbel app
  • 2 cycling routes in a printed route bundle
  • A Facebook account to provide more information and insights, a Twitter account to activate the tourist
  • Weather presenter Margot Ribberink, known from RTL4 and Omroep Max, is the face of the routes

Regional Office for Toerism Arnhem Nijmegen