Stimulate the target group to go cycling in Overijssel and make them aware of and enjoy pure regional products.

We developed the FeelFood concept: a route-lifestyle concept that connects people, nature and pure food. So that you know what you are eating, where the food comes from and what happens to it before it reaches your plate.

FeelFood consists of:

  • 15 separately available digital cycling routes (ranging from 25 – 40km) on the theme of ‘eating naturally’. Including stories from suppliers of regional products, photos, fitness tips, portraits and videos. The digital routes leave at 15 different starting points throughout Overijssel.
  • 15 FeelFood recipes which are linked to the 15 digital cycling routes.
  • An inspiring book full of information about the region, the routes, nature, recipes and inspiration. With all the recipes, tips and things worth knowing to enjoy for a long time. The book includes a voucher code with which the 15 digital routes can be downloaded for free.
  • Collaboration with a local outdoor chef who is available for promotional activities and events.
  • A FeelFood cargo bike, equipped with a BlackBasterd barbecue, which can be used at events and fairs.
  • FeelFood Market: an annual event at Hotel Landgoed De Uitkijk in Hellendoorn, where you can learn about local products.

Natura Docet Wonderrijck Twente in collaboration with Provincie Overijssel and Fietscity