In the footsteps of De Ploeg

The aim is to give greater regional, national and international exposure to the life and works of the artists of Groningen Kunstkring De Ploeg in the landscape of the province of Groningen.

Part of this project are twelve e-bike routes along special places of artists of Kunstkring De Ploeg. The routes lead past places where Ploeg artists liked to sit, work or discuss. Through the Ommelanden with its vastness, wind and space. See the Groningen countryside through the eyes of De Ploeg. And see the wind stripes in the sky, discover the multitude of shades of yellow in the ripe grain and fall in love with the idyllic villages with their brick-built churches.

Kunstkring De Ploeg
In 1918, a number of young artists founded Kunstkring De Ploeg as a reaction to the artistic climate in Groningen. The name De Ploeg was coined by Jan Altink, one of the founders. It refers to the cultivation and reclamation of Groningen’s fallow ‘art fields’. And they did so successfully… Now, more than a hundred years later, it is impossible to imagine Dutch art history without the Groningen expressionism of De Ploeg.



  • Nine De Ploeg e-bike routes through the province of Groningen via cycling junctions. The lengths vary from over 50 km to multi-day routes of over 160 km
  • Digitised versions of these experiential e-biker routes for the RoutAbel app that navigates you and tells special stories along the way. Enhanced with photos and (art) historical background information about De Ploeg art group
  • Matching, handy route booklets, available free at the Groninger Store in the Forum and the Groninger Museum in Groningen

Routeboekje De Ploeg Noord-Groningen   

  • Surprising and inspiring De Ploeg markings in the landscape at special Ploeg locations along the e-bike routes
  • Monitoring of routes with the Robinson telsensor and the platform Slim Buiten!
  • Day and multi-day arrangements for De Ploeg
  • Development of a business model for sustainable preservation of the routes




Foundation De Ploeg in Stad en Ommeland
In collaboration with the Groninger Museum, Marketing Groningen and the Province of Groningen