Liberation Routes

2015 marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Achterhoek. World War II also left indelible traces here. The aim of this project is to keep memories alive and educate about events during the Second World War, especially among young people.

We were asked to put the Liberation of the Achterhoek in the spotlight and turn it into a recreational tourist product. This is an extension in the Achterhoek to the existing Liberation Route concept with routes in regions such as Arnhem-Nijmegen and the Veluwe. In 11 impressive routes, you get to know the people and their stories. With leading roles for the victims and heroes of the past. So that we do not forget… and so that we continue to learn from the past.

Liberation Routes consists of:

    • 11 digital routes in theĀ RoutAbel app
    • A promotional booklet about these routes
    • Translations of these routes and the booklet in English, German and Dutch

Foundation Achterhoek Toerisme