Waterworks route

Inform visitors to the area of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie in an experiential way about this historic defence system. This is the largest national monument and nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019.

The Waterworks Cycle Route is already physically marked in the field, by using the existing cycle junction signs. We have developed the digital cycle route Waterworks Route in the RoutAbel app. It runs straight through the line landscape and past water and military structures, telling the stories and history of the line landscape. The cycle route also connects and enhances the military sites and provides visits to entrepreneurs along the way. Entrepreneurs are involved in arrangements and the promotion was done together with them.

De Waterwerkenroute consists of:

  • A cycle route of about 30 kilometres through the line landscape with 3 starting points in Culemborg, Nieuwegein and Vianen
  • A postcard intended to promote the route, which is available at every business along the route
  • A stamp card. The purpose of this stamp card is to further encourage people to cycle the route and visit the various businesses along the route. At each participating business, cyclists will receive a stamp. On returning a full stamp card, they will receive a gift.

Province of Utrecht