Limburg Trail

Many tourists associate Limburg with the Heuvelland region. But Limburg is more than that: the National Parks Maasduinen, the Meinweg, the Groote Peel and the intermediate areas such as the Leudal or the various stream valleys South Limburg have great, tourist potential. Now they are still ‘stand-alone’ areas, while walking between these landscapes is also beautiful. The natural beauty in Limburg does not stop at the border of a landscape!

In this project, we will connect the three National Parks and the South Limburg National Landscape and tell the story of the landscape.


We do this by connecting existing walking routes and junction networks throughout Limburg and combining them with regional dishes and special overnight accommodation. We explicitly involve entrepreneurs in the realisation and open up the Limburg Trail via existing junctions and the RoutAbel app.


We do all this sustainably and with a focus on continuity. Once the Limburg Trail has been developed (and the development project thus ended), that’s when it all begins. The project results, including a revenue model, will be transferred to a local foundation that will continue to do maintenance and promotion from the proceeds of the Limburg Trail, thus ensuring continuity. Our goal is for this to become a current, successful trail with history.

We do this by working with route agencies, volunteers and entrepreneurs to set out the Limburg Trail as a continuous, multi-day walking route from northern to southern Limburg and vice versa. The Limburg Trail thus meanders from Mook to Eijsden over the most beautiful hiking routes in Limburg.