Information panels Middelstum

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Producing and installing a 3D information panel in the centre of Middelstum, producing and installing seven smaller information panels giving more info on the history of the village and signposting a walking tour.

A large information panel (900×600 mm) produced from BioPanel placed on a corten steel frame. The panel features a map of Middelstum, indicating the various historical places and the walking route. This panel is located near the church, in the middle of the village.

In addition, seven smaller information panels (A4) were made, with information about the respective building or historical site. These panels have also been placed on corten steel frames.
One of the panels was funded by the project In het Spoor van De Ploeg and provides info on the Evening Drawing School in Middelstum, where Ploeg painter Jan Altink used to teach.

The footpath is marked by small signs with route arrows. In the neighbourhood of the two local jetties/harbours, signs have been mounted drawing the attention of passers-by to this walking route. The route is signposted both left and right.
The design is in line with the brand style of Marketing Groningen and Marketing Eems Delta.

Municipality of Eemsdelta and Trade Association Middelstum