Noorderpark Ruigenhoek

To bring a walking route in Noorderpark Ruigenhoek, a special recreational and natural area between De Bilt and Utrecht, to the attention of potential walkers by enriching the route with promotional tools, distribution channels and experiences.
The aim of the route is to tempt residents to walk around the area and let visitors from outside the area share in the stories surrounding the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie.

The walking route has been digitalised and enriched with information such as audio, texts, photos and videos.
The route is offered as a free route in the RoutAbel App. The routes can be used on iPhone and Android devices.
At the car park of Ruigenhoek (Gageldijk), at junction 21, a clickboard has been added on a lectern of the walking route network. This sign aims to tempt visitors to take the walking route. It has an appealing design in the NHW house style and also directly communicates the junction numbers, so hikers can photograph them and have immediate access to the route directions.

Noorderpark Ruigenhoek consists of:

  • Digital walking route
  • Clickboard


Province of Utrecht