Jan Blanken route

Among the authorities in the Vianen – Culemborg – Leerdam – Gorinchem area, there was an ambition to develop a tourism and recreational product around Jan Blanken. Jan Blanken was a hydraulic engineer who played an important role in important hydraulic engineering projects in the area and the Netherlands. In 1987, a 75-kilometre cycle route was developed as a result of an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum on Jan Blanken. This cycle route was updated and turned into a tourist product which should be an economic engine as well as a link between entrepreneurs and municipalities in the region. The route should become the basis for cooperation in the region.

A weatherproof flyer to follow the Jan Blankenroute (75 km), which runs along the junction network. These junctions are indicated on a tear-off strip that can be attached to bicycle handlebars with the help of an included ribbon. The flyer also includes a map of the route with the starting points and some points of interests are briefly described. It also suggests experiencing a related route. This is the existing AbelLiferoute ‘Waterworks’, a digital cycling route of 29 km from Vianen. The brochure’s function is to tempt people to cycle the route.

The Jan Blanken route consists of:

  • Weatherproof flyer with tear-off strip (junctions)
  • Ribbons with the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie logo to attach to the handlebars


Region Alblasserwaard-Vijfheerenlanden