St. Odulphuspad

With this project, we want to contribute to the growth of awareness of cultural history and experience of nature and landscape among ‘de Mienskip’ (the local population) and its guests. We also want to stimulate cultural tourism and the experience of nature in South-West Friesland by renewing and improving the range of tourism products. The aim is also to establish Friesland as a region for pilgrimage. More tourists, more spending, longer stays and thus a stronger tourist economy.

The St. Odulphuspad is a multi-day walking route along the most beautiful things South-West Friesland has to offer. The hiker passes by vanished monasteries, medieval churches, beautiful lakes, surprising hills and forests. The trail also passes through seven of the Frisian eleven towns. In total, the hiking trail is over 260 kilometres long and consists of 15 sections.

This hiking trail was developed from the region’s DNA. Religion once shaped this area. Missionaries like Boniface, Willibrord and Odulphus travelled to the north to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. Odulphus’ followers founded monasteries and courts. The monks built dikes to reclaim new land. This is how today’s landscape was formed. The St Odulphus trail tells the stories of the past and connects all the beauty of its legacy. Besides the pearls of the area, this walking route also connects the entrepreneurs in this region. They support this initiative and aim to increase tourist spending in South-West Friesland by more than 300,000 euros per year.

An integral approach was chosen: a beautiful book with a stamp card and 15 routes that can be travelled using both the walking network and the RoutAbel app as a guide. The app takes walkers on the nicest paths and treats them to special stories. A total of 29 information panels have been installed along the route. Together with various marketing and promotional campaigns, the St. Odulphus path is firmly placed on the map: for the best experience of all the beauty of South-West Friesland, choose the St. Odulphus path.

In the meantime, the third, fully updated edition of the book has been published. This edition includes a QR code for RoutAbel: with this, you can very easily download all routes on your smartphone.

The project St. Odulphuspad consists of:

  • A book with the 15 routes and a stamp card
  • QR code for 15 digital routes in the RoutAbel app, including 4 additional St Odulphuspad circular hikes
  • 29 information panels spread throughout the route
  • 4 day walks in the RoutAbel app



When one has walked all the routes and stamped all 15, one can order a special souvenir: the St Odulphus artefact, made of wood excavated from the site of the so-called ‘third Odulphus monastery’ in Hemelum.


Foundation Lytse Marren