Walking network Veluwe

Routebureau Veluwe has designed a walking route network across the Veluwe to make the area more attractive to walkers. This network will be signposted using junctions on recycled and wooden (Douglas) poles.

A start has been made on the realisation of signage in two areas, namely Hoenderloo and Veluwezoom. The other areas will follow next. The route signs are made of Biopanel, a bio-based plastic consisting of renewable, plant-based raw materials. For the junction posts in areas of the Forestry Commission, wooden posts were chosen, made from Douglas fir trees that come from these areas. This project was covered, produced and installed by us.



BioPanel: Sustainable signage
In collaboration with Wageningen University and Transmare Compounding AbelLeisure has developed BioPanel, a bio-based plastic sheet material consisting of 100% renewable plant materials. This sheet material forms the basis for route markings used for the walking network across the Veluwe. Read more about Routebureau Veluwe’s experiences with BioPanel here.


Route office Veluwe