We can monitor the use of route products. We do this with online analyses and RoutAbel app analyses, with the Robinson counter and the dashboard SLIM Buiten! 

Smart technologies allow us to measure usage in real time in recreation and tourism, among other areas. For example, the use of facilities can be detected and we can map the use of walking, bridle and cycling paths. By constantly monitoring, we get data at our disposal. With this data, we can optimise the situation. The data can also be applied in product development.

SLIM Buiten! – Internet of things
More and more things are online, such as cars, the thermostat and watches. So everything is connected to each other and to the internet. This is called Internet of things. We turn static objects in outdoor spaces, such as traffic signs, street lanterns and tourist information panels, into smart products. These objects are fitted with sensors. This allows these smart products to provide information (data) about themselves and the space around the object. The sensors transmit the data obtained to our database. The database converts this data into useful information via various applications. With SLIM Buiten!, information about objects in public space is recorded and linked in an up-to-date, reliable and complete way. We physically count walkers, cyclists and horse riders with the Robinson counter.